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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Joy of Swapping!

If you've been working with Friendly Plastic even a short time, you have probably collected quite a bit of shapes, bits and pieces just waiting for you to turn them into a creative work of art.

What could be more inspiring....not to mention motivating than participating in a Friendly Plastic Swap?

Here are a few basics to get you started if you are interested in hosting such an event:

From the Creative Woman Newsletter

  1. Designate a swap coordinator (usually someone will volunteer). In some swaps, two items will be made or given to the swap. One is sent to the coordinator for his or her efforts while the second is sent to another swap member.

  2. Pick the number of people you'd like to include in the swap. It's best to start with a small group.

  3. Pick a theme, technique for your swap. It's your swap ... get creative!

  4. Set deadlines for beginning and ending the swap. Once the date has passed, no more people can sign up to participate. Let swap members know when the swap item should be in the mail. A gentle reminder a week before this deadline isn't a bad idea.

  5. Swap items can be sent to the coordinator(along with required postage - bold time ours) who will in turn mail out the swap to all participants.
  6. The last step of any swap is to follow up to make sure all swap members got their swaps. It's a good time to ask how everyone enjoyed the swap, and if there is any interest in a future swap.

In my experience swaps are a wonderful way to collect other works of art and a great way to get inspired. My suggestion though is keep it simple. Limit yourself between 5 to 10 participants so that it is not overwhelming.

If you are interested in hosting a swap relating to Friendly Plastic, please email me and I will post your details on the site.

These swap tips are courtesy of Creative Woman Newsletter. It is a wonderful resource on a variety of craft mediums and a great source of inspiration. To receive the newsletter - click here.

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