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Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Friendly Plastic Artist Feature - Shari Wallace of Wolf Creek Designs

When I first created this blog, it was easy to find people and things to highlight....then as I continued, it became a little more difficult to find the "new".

I am happy to say that with the popularity of Friendly Plastic on the rise, the hunt for new artists and new things is getting much much easier!

Today, I would like to introduce you to Shari Wallace of Wolf Creek Designs . Shari is not new to the art scene by any means, she's been creating jewelry for 14 years. Currently her interests are in Kumihimo, friendly plastic, silk fusion, and collage. Finding ways to combine these materials together keeps her artwork fresh and unique.

Shari has just started a blog and is currently in the process of applying to juried fall art shows. Put her blog on your favorite list and take the creative journey with her. Enjoy one of her first posts:

Here's a photo of my friendly plastic. The pendant is my stained glass technique, using scraps which I melt right into the metal frame and then coat with envirotex lite. Love it! Then a marblized bracelet and earrings. The fracture / fusion bracelet (thanks, Jana, for sharing the technique with us!) was my first attempt at a bracelet - don't look too close!

I'll post more later as I take more photos. Since I had to drag out the lights and everything, I might as well take more pics this afternoon.

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