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Friday, August 28, 2009

The "Oooooooze and Ahhhs" of Liz Welch's Jewelry - Friendly Plastic

I don't know about you but I tend to do things in groups....maybe Im a bit obsessive that way. I do alot of one thing, get bored, move on to something else.

That is typical of most of my jewelry work. Somedays, I'll sit and play with pellets and create alot of things that I have no idea what I will use them for...and other days I'll work with sticks...somedays I just make beads..... and then there is the day, many weeks or days later that I get out all of those old pieces and finish them into works of art. Does that happen to you?

I really enjoyed this post from Liz Welch where she does just that - take some pieces that she's created a while back and turned them into beautiful jewelry.

Which one is your favorite?

Besides trying out the wonderful Amate jewellery blanks, I have been busy making some other jewellery in preparation for the weekend jewellery course I am running at Tintern Abbey, and to take with me to Colorado in October for a Friendly Plastic Retreat at Jen Lowe’s.


You might recognise the one on the left, I made the Friendly Plastic bit ages ago, but I have only just now got around to making it up in to jewellery. The little scribble wire beads are made by wrapping silver wire around a kebab stick – I love the contrast of the open bead with the more solid FP beads.

The pendant on the top right is a stamped image that I coloured up using acrylic paints and Rub n Buff, then set it in to an Amate blank and used Envirotex Lite resin to give it that high gloss finish and to add depth.

The pendant on the bottom right is made using sequin mesh (laser mesh / punchinella), net and my Oooze technique which you can see on a video slide show in an earlier post or on You Tube.


Sorry about the slightly fuzzy image. This is a little piece of patchwork (double sided) that is a mixture of plain and patterned FP plus FP that I coloured using Alcohol Inks. The edges have been foiled to give them a nice finish.


Another Amate Jewellery blank filled with FP (patterned with a permanent pen) and embedded with washers and crystals. Again Envirotex Lite seals and gives depth to the piece.


This little pendant makes use of the Metal Flakes and Alcohol Inks to create the mottled strips. Silk ribbon provides contrast to the hard materials used.


Whenever I make these little hearts everyone always says “Ooohh”! They will turn out different every time when you try Ooozing with Angelina fibres.


Friendly Plastic Pellets, a leaf from the garden (can’t remember the name of it), Alcohol Inks and silver wire make up the key features of this pendant.

I will post some more images of jewellery very soon, some of it is a bit bolder and funkier – so watch this space!

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di from di-did-it said...

I like them all, but my favorite is the one on the left in the top photo. Very unique!


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