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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Plastic can be Friendly After all - A Crafting Journey with Linda Elbourne

Meet Linda Elbourne! She lives in Cambridge England and say's she is always up for a challenge.

As soon as she began working with Friendly Plastic, she also found herself demonstrating it to others! Way to go!

Here is her Crafting Journey:

I spent the day at the Ally Pally "Big Stamp Show" and what a good time was had by all! After getting over the initial upset of being 60 miles from home and not having a place to park, then walking up what seemed like Mount Everest to me ..... Well the day just improved. I am not sure if I can say this out loud on the Blogosphere ..... so I will whisper it quietly ...... I thought it was loads better than the NEC. Much less busy, much more relaxed and just a really good day!Demo 1

Now I have set the scene I shall tell you about my friendly plastic demo ..... Oh yes peeps ..... I kind of did a demo in front of a large group of people. I was coached by a very lovely man from Once upon a stamp, who taught me how to make a lovely brooch!

Ta da!FP

I am afraid my photo taking abilities have let me down a bit .... but boy am I chuffed. I learnt how to melt thin strips together and marble them with the comb. I made the face in a mould and the very nice man mounted it on a brooch pin for me. I kind of think that this is the start of a beautiful friendship. It may even be a new phase .... take me out of my tri-fold card phase maybe?

demo 2

Anyways the secret to good friendly plastic art is do not melt for longer than 45 seconds and wave the heat gun up and down and across slowly .... don't hold the heat on full pelt like I did last time!!!

But that is a whole nuther story!

Thank you very much to the very nice man and Thank you also to all my crafty buddies for such a good day!

Speaking of a challenge...Are you up for a challenge?? Why not enter our Design Challenge - It's beachy!

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Linda Elbourne said...

Well you got my attention ... and I am glad you did ... a fabulous blog ... I will be back!


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