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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"What If" Days and Friendly Plastic

Do you ever have a "What if???" day? That's a day where, you real goal to finish a concern about all the mistakes you might make - mostly because there are no real mistakes...a What IF I do this? What if I add that? What if I heat it? What if I stamp it? What if I Rub-N-Buff it? WHat if...what if...what if get the idea..

Well..this is an example of a recent What If day that I had in the studio. It was just after Jen Lowe left me to go home. She reminded me of all the Genesis Oil paints that I had here...and I had not used in a LONG LONG TIME!

I wish you could see this razzle and dazzle in person! It glistens like sunshine on water.

Genesis Paints are oil based with a very exceptional property...they can be baked at the same temperature as polymer clay to dry. This also means that they can be used in conjuction with Friendly Plastic and a griddle....yum yum...the possibilities!!!

I'm still keeping the technique a secret! Sorry but a girls just gotta have some secrets, ya know! But maybe I will share this technique at the winter CHA 2010 show. Hmmm......

Now I have just one question for you.....
What will you make with Friendly Plastic on your "What if" day?

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