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Thursday, September 17, 2009

FAQ - How do you keep Friendly Plastic from bowing?

This question was posted on the Friendly Plastic yahoo group. It's a good one an comes up from time to time:

How do you keep Friendly Plastic from bowing?

Liz Welch responded:

Rather than reheating anything, have you tried just bending it with your fingers? Be forceful, Friendly Plastic is pliable and the easiest time to bend things back to flatness is soon after they have cooled completely. I use aluminium foil, I also make large pieces of FP and I use cold water to cool it. I tend to put my hot FP piece upside down in cold water and this can help prevent bowing to a degree, but good old strong fingers work to flatten it out completely.

I do accept that bending several layers of FP is not easy, but I think that the cooling method best suited to obtaining flatness depends a bit on the technique you are using with your FP. If I have a stamped or Ooozed piece I would not want to use a slow cooling as I might loose the definition of the design, I want a quick cool. Similarly with my lacework. If your design is one single layer then a slow cool may be the way to go, but I am impatient and I just use cold water and my fingers!

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