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Friday, September 4, 2009

Friendly Plastic and Paper Dolls

Creativity Has No Limits!!! Is our feature today. Just look at how she combined Friendly Plastic on this paperdoll! Very unique! Inspiring! Just her name alone says it all!
Here's a little about Norma:
Norma Soulet (AZArtist)
I am a self-taught fiber and mixed-media artist that loves to create!My motto is "Creativity Has No Limits". Very early on, art was always a part of my life. I still remember creating greeting cards and special gifts for all my family members through the years.Art for me is like a sunny brings happiness into my life.

Paper doll with friendly plastic headpiece
Paper doll close-up

I am a bit behind with my photo but here it is. :)

I was working on this paper doll so this is my photo of the week.

I made the body of the doll using cardstock as the base and then covered the limbs with different scrapbooking papers.

I really had fun with the headpiece. It is made with different colors of friendly plastic that I melted and sculpted and then added the face piece and other bits. I really like the way it looks and hope you do too.

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