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Monday, September 21, 2009

Friendly Plastic that sticks to rubber stamps - FAQ

We've entertained this topic with in the past week or so when Jen Lowe shared that stamping into friendly plastic will clean the ink off your stamps. Today's post however offers a suggestion as to what you can do when friendly plastic sticks to your rubber stamps. It's an excellent story from Mylene Hillam from Australia - Winner of the 2009 CHA design challenge.

It also shows us that techniques and ways of handling friendly plastic can differ from region to region or country to country......

She writes:

I conducted a large workshop on the weekend and one of the techniques we used was stamping into Friendly Plastic with a red rubber stamp. It was a requirement that everyone bring along a suitable stamp but alas not one person did and so the stamp I brought went through the process 30 times. That's OK, no drama. It's a rubber stamp and able to withstand all sorts of abuse!

Now, the lesson here is that I don't ink my rubber stamps with a lubricant when I stamp into FP. I simply press the image straight into the softened FP and plunge it into cold water for 30 seconds, which is usually all that's required to release it. But Saturday was a warm day (30°C) and the airconditioning was completely ineffective.. We had 4 heatguns running constantly and lots of warm FP being plunged into the tray of water. What I'm trying to say is, everything was WARM! We had all sorts of trouble getting the stamp to release from the FP and with every impression made with the stamp, more little bits of FP stuck to the rubber which in turn stuck to the next persons FP. We eventually resorted to inking the stamp with Versamark and were able to find iced water to dunk the stamp into and all was good. Luckily, the card we were working on was a little bit grungy and everyone's stamped piece of FP was OK. But, from now on I will tell everyone to use Versamark (or other lubricant) before stamping into the FP - lesson learned!!!!But at the end of the day the nooks and crannies of my stamp were very furry looking from all the FP that had been deposited onto it. It's one of my favourite backgrounds stamps for stamping into FP so it HAD to be cleaned. And here's how I did it.Take an old scrap of FP and heat it on a nonstick surface until it's very soft. Dip your finger tips into water and pick it up. Press it into the nooks and crannies and plunge into cold water for a few minutes to make sure it has completely cooled. Then lift the FP scrap away from the stamp and most of the stuck Friendly Plastic will come with it. Work on small sections at a time until it the whole stamp is cleaned. I also wanted to share a couple of other things I tried to clean it - neither of these worked!- dig out the FP using a needle tool - didn't budge any of it at all.- Placed the stamp into the freezer overnight and try to dig out the FP using the needle tool - didn't work either.So there you have it! Even those of us who have worked and taught with FP quite extensively still learn new things. And I wanted to share this with you so that you know even experienced people make mistakes!!Hope you all have a fantastic Friendly Plastic week!Cheerio,

Myléne Hillam Qld, Australia Lady DT member:

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