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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mixed Media Inspiration by Liz Welch

I was perusing the internet this morning for Friendly Plastic. It's so wonderful to see this medium gaining popularity and expanding. For example, just a few months ago - a search for FP on would have given you a few choices and now...theres several artists featuring their friendly plastic work! This is exciting.

Have you had a chance to listen to the podcast about our upcoming design challenge? If not, be sure to hop on over to and listen to our September 2nd show. It's full of information on how you can participate in the Open Design Challenge and win some great prizes .....and some $$$ too!

Among the four categories - we have a Mixed Media OPEN and I thought you might enjoy a little bit of inspiration from the Friendly Plastic Queen herself... Liz Welch. Liz is very proficient in mixing friendly plastic with a host of other mediums for stunning effects. Among her accomplishments are numerous awards for her work with textiles and Friendly Plastic.

This is only a small sampling of inspiration from Liz. I invite you to jump on over to her page: and see more of her fantastic work with Friendly Plastic and mixed media.

If you are new to the Friendly Plastic world - Liz has a couple of wonderful DVD instructional videos available on her website:

I personally have a copy and I would highly recommend it to jumpstart your Friendly Plastic fun!

So have ENTER!

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