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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Exactly what is a "Snapper" anyway????

I think our creative minds must be fried to pieces but none the less, Tina (aka Tineesha) was inspired to dig out all her friendly plastic literally from the 80's and bring it on over to Jen's house...Unfortunately, most of these were "snappers" and boy did we have fun with that...
Jen got out her video and began to tape....(and of course you know that I had to nick this off her blog) --if you look real close..Jana is in the background and I am laughing hysterically....
Again...who knew friendly plastic could make your abs sore from laughing so hard?
Read on:
This is the first in a series of videos that will be 5 minutes of less and hopefully help you understand the little things about Friendly Plastic that will help you have more fun than anything with this fantastic product!!!

Now please understand - 5 minutes or less, NOT professional, in fact, today, we were all in our jammies and sweats and we played and just had the best time ever. But I think you will see - it's ok to have fun and still show you the difference between what's a good piece of Friendly Plastic....and a piece that's been around since the 80s.

Our heartfelt thanks to our good friend Tina H who played the role of Tineesha! We'll have to see if she won't come back and help us out again in the near future!!!

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