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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The first of our Instructors Arrive to the Starving Artist Playground...

If you didn't get a chance to see yesterday's blog, take a look because then you will appreciate the look on the girls face when they saw us at the gate waiting for them.

I goofed a bit yesterday and got confused. Jana arrived first.......

Here is Jen as we wait for Jana to arrive. I have the same sign too....but I'm taking the picture...


And here is her reaction when she saw her Jana "HERE'S YOUR SIGN" (I think she just wanted to hide because we were waving the sign and squeeling....)


After getting Jana's luggage we went and had a some tea and awaited Liz's arrival.


I will say that our signs attracted quite a bit of attention. Airline Captains, Flight Attendants, Policemen and just people in general came up to us and commented on our signs...they loved them and I think they were a little jealous that no one took the time to make them a sign. Interestingly the police also had their "wanted" signs and anxiously awaited their "wanted" arrival....but honestly, Im glad I never saw their "wanted" arrival.

We waited....and waited...and Jen got tired of she went to check the "arrival" board....and guess who showed up???


So guess who missed her intial reaction???


But....she didn't miss out on her hug!


You can imagine that the rest of the day and evening was spent catching up...girlish chit-chat and a huge show and tell!.....

Tomorrow we'll be playing in Friendly Plastic all together learning from each other...soo...who knows what we will come up with?

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