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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The FP Team to the rescue!!!

Unfortunately, one of our intructors, Kathleen called in sick - an we all do hope you feel better soon Kathleen!!! But at the last minute a little crisis occurred.

Kathleen was to teach a wirewrapping class featuring wrapped stones....and without class!

We just couldnt have that happen sooooooooo...we all pitched in...turned on the griddles, electric skillets, ran heat guns and each created 10 stones/pendants for the class.

Liz's stones were made from recycled bits and pieces with a bit of added bling....


Jana made Fracture and Fusion hearts....


And I made my version of stones with Friendly Plastic pellets combined with alcohol inks...


After everyones were finished we coated them with Envirotex to give them a glassy gloss-like finish


Throughout the day all the other "starving artists" straggled in and by five we were having a full fledged fondue chocolate and cheese party.....



The Playground opens at 8:45 in the morning, that's when we'll have the welcome party and we'll all dispurse to our separate playareas....I CANT WAIT!!!

WHAT A FUN GROUP OF GALS!! Remember we still have 2 spots open for classes via skype so if you want to better hurry!!

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di from di-did-it said...

You often use Envirotex Lite to help highlight the beauty of your Friendly Plastic creations. I've found written instruction for using EL as well as a YouTube for pouring it, but you seem to dip your FP creations into it. How do you keep from getting a glob at the bottom from gravity? Any thoughts on sharing your EL techiques on a future FP post?


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