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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friendly Plastic Artist Feature - Meet Claire Fairweather

I am pleased to feature Claire Fairweather.

Claire describes her work in this bio:

Born in the UK, I am a naturally creative person and have tried most types of painting media and many crafts. Throughout my childhood and whole working life, I have dedicated my spare time to art, craft and design; selling my work through various craft fairs, art exhibitions, shops and galleries. Over the last fifteen years I have mainly concentrated on glass-painting, stained glass, mosaic, glass appliqué, acrylics and mixed media on canvas, heliographic fabric painting and T-shirt design. Now it is FRIENDLY PLASTIC!

Claire has entered several of our design challenges and has been the recipient of a gift basket full of Friendly Plastic Goodness... Just look at what she's made!!!

Since winning the ‘random draw’ stash of FP in the Marbling Magic Design Challenge, she has been busy experimenting and creating with FP and absolutely loving it. She wrote me to ask if I would like to show some of my work on the FP blogspot? And I quickly wrote back - ABSOLUTELY!

She is currently working on a new concept in jewelry, using Friendly Plastic, which she calls Art-Brooches. These are small ‘one-off’ pieces of ‘art’ you can wear as a brooch but when not being worn, fit into a frame, for hanging on the wall or free-standing display.

We want to wish her lots of success at her upcoming craft shows ! Please stop by her blog: and see ALL of her wonderful design work....and email her to tell her we sent ya!


rarelizzie said...

Claire these are lovely. I wish you loads of happy customers at all your craft sales.

claire fairweather said...

Thanks, Liz. I have only just seen your comment but feel honoured to receive such a compliment from someone of your standing.


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