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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Friendly Plastic Fantastic Friends

Now say that three times will ya??? That's a tongue twister!

The Starving Artist Playground - (2nd ever - NOT ANNUAL as Jen says "now"...(but you know she'll forget how much work this was and want to do it all again next year).)'s now over.

While the event was a chance to experience a variety of mediums including Friendly Plastic, it turned out to be waayyyy beyond that. It was a chance to make lasting friendships, connecting with old friends, meeting new friends ...bonding...bringing people of creative spirit together. Who knew that a little Friendly Plastic could do all that?

Just look at "Two "N" Jenn and Tineesha.... (we say that because at the retreat we had One "N" Jen aka Jen Lowe and Two "N" Jenn aka Jenn Duval and then Ginni with a "G") these two (aka Jenn and Tina) had never met before and look at how happy they are to make friends....


These were some happy kids let me tell ya....

To make a long story short...Sunday was nearly a repeat of Saturday - same classes but those who couldnt take on Saturday did on Sunday...just more laughs....more fun.

What maybe suprizing to you is the fact that Jen, Liz and Jana had never met each other face to face before. So to have us four...the Queens of FP together in the same house for a whole week was beyond incredible. While this may not happen again for a while, I can assure you that we will all stay in touch more often...thru skype and jump on any chance we can to get together and be creative.

Unfortunately all good things do come to an end....and Liz left us to go home to the UK ...but not before we could spend a day together just relaxing with girl time,sorting out our ideas, sightseeing and taking inspiration from the world around us. We had just enough time to take a road trip to Estes Park.


Seriously how beautiful is this scenery....




I've been accused of this next picture being a postcard...but I can testify that yes I was this I did not use a zoom, yes I did take the picture...and yes...he thought "tourist".....


Being that we "saw" wildlife....we decided to BE wildlife.


on a little more serious note...we went to Cheryl's shop Rocky Mountain Memories to check it out and do you know she CALLED IN SICK - exhausted from the weekend and did not come into the store? Her hubby was working though....great guy! (A great little store for all sorts of lodgy themed, souvenier die cuts, great stamps and more) so when in Estes Park go see Cheryl's's by the clock theatre.


During the retreat we described the melted pellets having the texture of taffy....but Liz had never had Taffy so she couldn't relate....but we did find a little taffy shop ....


Not sure she liked the taffy too well...she said it tasted like something they have in the UK that she doesnt like...but I cant remember what that something is...LIZ: would you leave a comment and let us all know what that something is????

It was just a wonderful friendship bonding day. We dropped Liz off at the airport, she is now home safe and sound. We went to Famous Dave's for BBQ then came back and watched Blue Collar Comedy club....can you ever laugh too much?

So when you think Friendly Plastic...think Friendly Plastic - Fantastic Friends and remember that is more than just playing with a craft medium...this is a chance to experience and get make MORE FRIENDs!


~~~ M ~~~ said...

What a fabulous time you must have had! And, yes, FRIENDSHIPS! Many kudos to Jen for bringing everyone together... or for offering the chance by which everyone could come together. Glad you got a chance to sight-see a bit, too. Looks like the snow issue wasn't too bad at all (esp after the weekend...). What fun! Thanks for posting this! :-)


claychic said...

Thanks for posting how happy I was to have had the chance to come to the Starving Artist Playground and to meet such wonderful people! I will cherish this experience for a lifetime.

rarelizzie said...

We had a brilliant time, and I seriously hope that these newly forged friendships will continue and grow.

By the way, the Taffy remins me of a cross between nougat, candyfloss and soft toffee. Very sweet and sticky, but weirdly compelling; although I can't say that I would go back for any more! It was an experience.

rarelizzie said...

We had a brilliant time, and I hope these newly forged friendships last for years to come.

The Taffy reminded me of a cross between nougat, candyfloss and soft toffee - sweet, sticky and weirdly compelling, although I don't think I am too keen to go back for any more!

Liz said...

Oops, I did that twice!


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