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Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Friendly Plastic Menagerie

Thought you might like to see a small sampling of what we all did over the weekend. This menagerie is a combination of all of us FPQ's....and literally they are just fun play samples just trying out a bunch of different techniques ...see what works and what doesnt....who knows what we'll do with them but they are fun to look at!
Can you tell who's is who's???????


~~~ M ~~~ said...

What a great picture! I clicked on it to see it big, and spent awhile just "oooh'ing" and "aaah'ing"! The colors... the textures... the FUN! Someone has to show us how to do a heart like the blue and white one. Thank you for sharing!


peg said...

Great job girls. This picture is beautiful work. Can't wait for the instructions. You certainly are REAL ARTISTS.



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