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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friendly Plastic Treasure Hunt

When I left Jen Lowe's house she warned me..........Absolutely NO GIFTS!!! Seriously....did she really think I would listen?

Jen loves dressforms. She buys dressforms...she buys rubberstamps with images of dressforms and scrapbook paper with dressforms. And any dressform that is on "sale" at hobby lobby absolutely has no chance of NOT coming home with her. She has them on display throughout her home and studio. Some are functional and hold ribbons or packages of embellishments for future projects, while others are used to decoratively display her jewelry and other works of art.

There was one dressform in the studio, that really caught my attention....It's a framed picture with a metal cut out of a dressform. It look was naked....and it needed some dressing up! (The poor soul..) That's when the thought.. "I wonder if I hang a bead around the neckline...just how fast will she notice??" And that's what I did. During the Starving Artist Playground, I took a class and made a big polymer clay bead. She loved I thought that would be the perfect spot for it to be displayed. Timing was of essence.....I had to wait until the middle of the night to hang it so she wouldnt notice.....and that's just what I did.

Next I found another dressform in my room.....a vintage linen dressform....naked...well..except for a sprig of flowers hanging off the shoulder.....another poor soul that needed to be dressed....

This particular treasure is a collabortive effort between myself and Liz Welch. We stayed up waaayyyyy past our bedtime and played with surface techniques and we discovered some really wonderful new 'takes' on older techniques which we'll share in upcoming posts.

And last but not least I hung a pair of FP earrings featuring my new glisten and shine technique amongst a grouping of glass beaded necklaces......perfectly camoflauged......

So with the treasure hunt in place.....I headed off to the airport......confident that she wouldnt find them for months............................................which was the plan.....................UNTIL..........

Her sister Colleen calls her and says..."How was the treasure hunt?".... It's amazing to me that with all the things Jen has in their home and's like she has a photographic memory and knows were everthing is...her brain is a catalog. She immediately discovered the above piece (I mean it was in plain site....then the earrings...) and with a hint from Colleen .....she finally found the piece on the framed dressform in the studio..... So I learned two things "Jen KNOWS where everything is.......and don't tell Colleen where the treasures are!" ha ha (just kiddin ya Colleen)

I think though, that I'll just make this a "signature of mine"......leaving treasures behind wherever I visit friends.....hmmmm.....who can I visit next???


Jodi said...

Me me me.... come visit me next!

~~~ M ~~~ said...

No, no! Me! Ok, so you were just in Colorado. But you want to come again, right? Cuz I live in a different part. Different mountains to see, etc. It's just me and Hubby, when Daughter is off at college. Plenty 'o space to play in this house!


Glad you had a great time. And the treasure hunt really was a fabulous idea.


rarelizzie said...

Come and visit me Linda, it is only a small hop and a skip across The Pond, and we can have some more creative play time to come up with some more treasures for you to hide. What is a few hundred dollars air fare and a few hours of jet lag between friends?

claychic said...

Oh Linda,
Come visit me, I had such a great time getting to know you and you can get up close and personnel with another elk and I've got sparkly eye shadows!LOL

Peg Harper said...

Nope, nope,nope. You come see me and Tanisha. We take you for long, unlimited strolls through McGuckin's and all the Hobby Lobby stores in the greater Denver area, in-depth visits to The Bead Lounge...
tee hee


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