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Saturday, October 17, 2009

If you dont want it.....give it to me! Friendly Plastic Daily Blog

That's right, If you don't want it...give it to me!

This piece is a collaborative effort...although Jana doesnt know it yet...between me..and Jana Ewy.

Liz Welch, Jana Ewy and Myself made several pieces for a class at the retreat last weekend. These were left over and Jana left them with us to play with.

Yesterday was more of an assembly day for me as I took the bits and pieces that I had made along with other bits and pieces and assembled them.

Jana made the heart center and reminiscent of her vintage style, I designed this necklace with help from her. The chain we purchased on a shopping trip, the filagree background came from Vintaj.....

One persons "junk" IS another's treasure!!

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PinkGranny said...

I was disappointed at two stores that should have Friendly Plastic. The second store did have some but a dismal showing. I am trying to make my first project and I am going to have to settle for a color I wouldn't have necessarily chosen but...I am optimistic that creativity will kick in. Why don't these National Chain stores have such a poor showing? Where is the best place to buy Friendly Plastic?????


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