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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A little Kindess goes a long way - Friendly Plastic Blog

Im such a visual person....and sometimes we all need to be reminded "in words" that kindess matters! So with that thought in mind.......and from a little tip by Jana Ewy using patina solution on Friendly Plastic I created this little ornament to give me a Friendly reminder that "kindness" really does matter.
The collaged image is sandwiched between glass. The outside was "soldered" with strips of matte gold sticks, melted with a heat gun. Then I stamped a texture into it, added a little bit of gold leaf and then patina solution.
For the roses, I mixed embossing powders into pellets and hand formed them, similiar to the way that I would if I had used polymer clay. I used the water method to melt the pellets. A quick daub of the heat gun to the surface of the ornament softens the plastic so that the roses can be set in place. The leaves were formed the same way. I attached a chain to the back and glued some beaded dangles...and viola....KINDNESS MATTERS!
A friendly KIND reminder to PLEASE PLEASE get your entries for the design challenge in! Deadline is November 6th.

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~~~ M ~~~ said...

This is beautiful. I'm very drawn to mixed media. You'd never believe some of those componants were Friendly Plastic. Just shows the versatility of the medium. Lovely!

:-) Marilyn


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