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Thursday, October 1, 2009

How make Butterflies with Friendly Plastic - New Craft Video Tutorial

At the Winter 09 Craft and Hobby Association trade show (CHA) Amaco opened up a design challenge to create butterflies with Friendly Plastic.

So in this video tutorial, I show you how to use Friendly Plastic sticks to create butterflies that take flight.  Use these butterflies as decorative ornaments or elements for your craft projects or even jewelry!

I taped the opening and closing of the video outside....little did I realize that the bugs and frogs wanted to be part of the video and sing to the top of their lungs...thus the background noise...but's nature right???

We thought you might like to see other ways to work with Friendly Plastic - see our links below!


~~~ M ~~~ said...

I couldn't help but notice, Linda, that when you went to cut the FP away from the wire frame (after imbedding it in the FP), the wire frame wanted to pop away. What do you do to fix that? Reheat and push back in? Thanks!


uncentimo said...

Its a great tutorial. I've found a Spanish shop that sells this product. I hope I can show you some creations soon. I have one question, what is the orange sheet you put between the friendly plastic and the aluminium sheet?
Thank you

uncentimo said...

Another question,
I've seen I can cut friendly plastic with a sizzix machine but what kind of dies do I have to use, bigz ones o sizzlist dies? Can I use paper punch also?
Than you so much,
This is my email


Linda Peterson Designs said...

These are great questions ladies! Yes the wire frame did pop out a little initially.

To remedy this, you can use some 2 part epoxy to glue it down and set a book on top to weight it down until the glue cures.

I also plan on applying a coat of envirotex to the top to make it shiny like glass.

The "rubbery" orange mat that I am working on is called a "silpat". It is a teflon baking sheet that withstands high baking temperatures. In the US you can find them at stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond in the kitchen/baking section. This mat that i use is thicker and rubbery in texture. You can also get a thin version which has a more slick surface.

I hope this helps. Thank you for your questions and keep your comments coming!


Jana Ewy said...

Great job... what a star! Oh and the butterfly was quite nice as well. Hugs... Jana

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Great video! There are some cool things you can do with the stuff! I think what uncetimo meant was the orange sheet of double stick tape you used to glue the metal sheet to the Friendly Plastic. Does Amaco sell that?

jogry said...

I have enjoyed your video.Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing,

chuy said...

I just started using this product and noticed that FP will not adhere to metal or wood on its own you have to glue it to make sure it stays, cause once it got cold it pop out of my bottle caps and my wood charms


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