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Monday, November 2, 2009

New Artist Feature - Cathy Frank

I received an email from Cathy just a few days ago after she had stumbled across the blog! She's been working with Friendly Plastic for the past 12 years and up until now, she says "It's been lonely!" - Lonely until she's found all of us!!!

Kathy lives on the East Coast in the USA. She has formal schooling in metals/enameling and n Art Ed degree. Kathy says "I have really enjoyed working through the years (30 now - yikes!) in many mediums and can appreciate the way you "marry" your materials". She sells her work thru galleries...but Im sure if you found somthing you have to have....she'd appreciate an email
Unforuntately Kathy doesnt have a blog or website at this time, but Im sure shes working on that...however you can "Friend" her of Facebook where you can view more of her work.
Now...remember if you want some friendly can also friend us on facebook, follow us on twitter, subscribe to this blog and our youtube videos and join the friendly plastic yahoo group! If you do all'll instantly have 300 plus friends!

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