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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

These rusty old balls could have fooled me! Friendly Plastic

When I first saw this picture, I thought...."Hmmmm...found objects...wonder what Liz is going to do with them" Being that she lives in England and everything is ancient there, I expected that she was showing us something she had dug up in her garden and intended to incorporate into one of her future works of art....Well...I was right...sort of.... okay...not really...

Read on to find out the real story from Liz - The Infamous Queen of Friendly Plastic:


Just a short post today. What do you think this lot is (and please don’t say a load of old junk!). To help you, I will tell you that the drums of rope are about 3cm tall (just over an inch in old money).

I haven’t got time to keep you in suspense today so I will explain: I am working on my next project for a textile exhibition with Nolitex, and these objects will form part of the work. They are not rusty old bits of metal but artfully disguised bits of Friendly Plastic (not the rope of course). I say “artfully” but that is a conceit as in reality they were the results of my experiments with some patination and rusting fluids which I purchased when I was in America. I do believe you can get the same stuff over here in the UK, the range is called Sophisticated Finishes by Triangle Crafts.

I used Friendly Plastic Pellets for some of the pieces, and lots of scraps that I recycled for others; the results were the same once I had coloured them and rusted them. The rope drums are made over pipe lagging using some very rope-like cord (patination fluid treated as well).

I thought some of you out there might be interested in seeing something a little different on the FP front, it might just set you off on some train of thought you might like to share with the rest of us. And you know of course, that if you do put a post on your blog about it, then Linda will capture it and tell the world via the Friendly Plastic Blog, so you will be instantly catapulted into Friendly Plastic Fame!!!

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