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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Friendly Plastic Bottles of Hope - Katie Argyle

Amaco, the manufacturer of Friendly Plastic and former distributor of Fimo polymer clay put on a "bottles of hope" challenge each year. Most bottles of hope are made from polymer clay, but...Katie Argyle beautifully demonstrates that bottles of hope can be made from Friendly Plastic too! Read her story

Well it's one day past the final deadline for the 2009 AMACO Friendly Plastic Challenge.
Here's what I submitted in the fancy box...

1. Bottle of Hope based on a quote from Isak Dinesan: There is nothing that cannot be cured by salt water- tears, sweat or the sea.
friendly plastic: metallic red, metallic royal blue, light blue, print turquoise, metallic silver, metallic blue swirl, metallic african violet, metallic gold, metal alphabet beads, glass beads, ribbon, glass bottle with plastic lid.

Every side of the bottle was covered with a sea-like textured mix of Friendly Plastic.

I made a small mermaid and a happy fish to punctuate a ribbon on which I wrote the quote.

The ribbon is glued to the lid but the ends trail off freely over the side of the bottle.

Inside the bottle I placed a happy fish with the word "Smile" which can be seen through the neat see-through bubble lid.

Beautifully orchestrated Katie!!! To see more of Katie's work visit her blog:

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