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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Friendly Plastic Flair - WRITE NOW!

Mylene has really been on a creative spree lately and her blog is ooozing with all sorts of luscious creative goodness.
If you find that your Friendly Plastic is in need of a little flair....well get busy! WRITE NOW!!
Mylene shares:

Since I first started making these delectable Friendly Plastic pens, I'd been promising myself I'd find some nicer pens for the base.

There was nothing wrong with the pens I was using. In fact they are great for the budget end of my line of pens (check them out in the Friendly Plastic Gallery page at
Mill Lane Studio). But I really wanted to also have a more upmarket end to the range and so I'm now introducing pens made with beautiful metallic nibs and ends. The ones below are all slimline pens but there will also be some wider barrelled pens too. These new additions will be available for purchase from my website in the next few days, just in time for a last minute Christmas gift purchase for that special person on your Christmas list.

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