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Monday, December 28, 2009

More Viewer Mail! A Friendly Plastic shout out to Molly Fischer

I love checking my email everyday to find viewer email! makes my day! So today's SHOUT OUT goes to Molly Fischer.

I'd like to share the email that I received yesterday from her- she writes:

Hi Linda:

I am a newbie at friendly plastic and I've been trying to create jewelry.

Attached is an earring and necklace set that I made for a co-worker for Christmas. I check the blog everyday for any and all inspiration and instruction. I am a web learner. Because of my husband's work I've had to leave my create friends in Reno, NV and Fremont, CA (stamping groups) so I am stuck here in Milford MASS. - not much in the way of creative groups near by.

Thank you so much for your web site and the Friendly Plastic Blog - my salvation to creative road blocks and great inspiration and education.

Best to you in the New year

Molly J Fischer

Molly, thank you sooooo much for sharing your work! We're so glad that you were willing to try Friendly Plastic too!

Let's all show Molly that she's not alone and email her what a great job she did - just click on her name above! And if you're an FP Artist living MA...well...I think you've found a creative friend nearby! Missy...maybe your husbands next job can bring you to Missouri?

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