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Friday, December 25, 2009

Not your Usual Friendly Plastic by Artist Phyll Beach

I sent out a call for Friendly Plastic submissions and WOW!!! Look what I got in my email box today from Phyll Beach!


This multi media shallow shadow box is 8 x 10
inches before it went into it's antique frame. I created it last
month, the sea turtle (other than the center agate) is FP, in fact it
was my very first effort with FP. I am absolutely sure I will be using it a lot
in the future in many wildly varied pieces. Much of the rest of this piece
is melted Tyvek. Thanks for your blog, I read it every day but took
several months before I ordered a slew of the stuff and decided to try it.

This piece was for a secret winter swap. The challenge was to
incorporate the likes of the person for whom you were to make a gift. My person
liked the colors violet and blue, she liked fantasy, preferred a combination of
old and new in one piece, loved anything from nature, and her most
favorite thing is sea turtles. So though not my usual style at all, it was
fun to make. Probably because it was NOT my style!

I spent today with my teenage grandchildren making FP ladies
with curled wire limbs inspired by the work of an artist you featured a few days
ago. I'm sure their mother will love their creations which she will get for
Christmas. Thanks for inspiring me to try this.

Im sure their mother will love and cherish this gift for years to come! Handmade gifts are PRICELESS!

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Janine said...

Darn, all the photos are blocked out...I can't view any of them!

Linda Peterson Designs said...

Sorry everyone...hopefully now you can view the pictures! Enjoy!

Helen Hughes said...

Love it!


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