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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Desire to Inspire? More Friendly Plastic designs from SueC and her students

Sue C is still at it....inspiring her students to creat with Friendly Plastic! She writes:
A couple of posts back I showed some friendly plastic atc's I had made for classes. I love working with it but am a Jill of all and master of none so my pieces reflect that.
I can't tell you how proud and amazed I am that I got a blog comment from.....the Queen of Friendly Plastic herself - yes Liz Welch - how cool is that. I feel so honoured that she even bothered to look at my blog never mind to leave a comment. I have met her a couple of times and she is so lovely to talk to. She even gave me a couple of her pieces that I showed the ladies this morning. I am so in awe watching her as she works.

This morning I carried on teaching friendly plastic and it was...friendly I mean...
and it did all I could have asked.
Here are Gill, Mu and Q happily working away. Q and Gill sing in a choir so there's always lots of singing going on when Q comes - this morning it was musicals, West Side Story, Carousel and Cabaret.

here's Gill's

and Mu's

and Q's

They did well especially as it was their first time. There will be more techniques for them next week.
I forgot to photograph Liz's pieces and they are at the shop but I will tomorrow. Liz, if you are reading this I still can't master the ooze technique so any tips for it I'd be most grateful.


Thank you Sue C for sharing all the talent on your blog!

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