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Saturday, January 23, 2010

A glimpse inside the CHA Show....

Set up days at CHA are hectic for everyone. There's forklifts and carts and pallettes and stuff to trip over - all over the place. It just amazes me to no end that this place will magically be transformed from a heaping pit of stuff everywhere to an elegant showroom of craft supplies, showcasing the talents of amazing designers in the industry and it's all done.....overnight!

Today when we walk in - we will see a transformation and loads of attendees eager to see the next best thing. Really - we think the next best thing is Friendly Plastic don't you?

Thought you might like a little preview into the booth.

Below is the background graphic featuring last years butterfly entries.

And this display features some of this years entries......I'll be showcasing all up close and personal soon! a little booth just off the corner of the AMACO booth is a ribbon distributor...and I couldnt help but think of Liz welch when I saw this fabric made up of selsor pressed just speaks "ooze"..... Liz - you would be in ribbon heaven!

Ideas are goin thru our heads when Jana finds this blingy ribbon.....Hmmm...wonder if they give samples????

So Jana, Jen and I are ready to go!! We just have one person missing and that's our dear FP friend Liz Welch. We wish she were here, that would make this whole experience complete! If you do come to the show, visit booth 2409 and you can view new images of Liz's work on a slide show at my table.......
Stay tuned - tomorrow will be highlights of day 1
Monday I'll announce the winners - and YES! I do know who they are! But...Im not tellin' but I will say that I'm very excited to be one of the presentors!
Tuesday is more highlights and happenings and Wednesday we walk the show to discover new product. So lots to stay tuned for! with the show!

Linda Peterson is compensated and endorsed by AMACO. The guests features may or may not have any affiliation with AMACO.

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rarelizzie said...

Linda, I wish I was with you all too. It sounds as though you are really doing a great job showing everyone what can be done with FP.
That ribbon and the mesh fabric look right up my alley. I am sure they will be delighted to give you some samples to work with.


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