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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Liz Welch Class Schedule for 2010 - UK Friendly Plastic

Direct from RareLizzies blog (aka Liz Welch) here is the information about her upcoming classes in the UK. Liz writes:

I have updated my web site with the class dates for 2010. To save you the effort of checking it out, I am detailing them below just in case you might be interested in any of them. They are not exhaustive, and I am open to ideas and suggestions.

19th January 2010 moring class @ Gillians Crafts in Derby. See Gill’s web site for more details and to book the classes.

By The Book (morning class)

This little book is only 2 inches square, and can easily be made in the 2hr class. Texturing and colouring techniques will be covered, as well as “Beads on Strings”.

Linda's Notes: I personally have one of these beautiful books by Liz Welch and I can assure you this is a class that you do NOT want to miss!! Both Liz and Gill (owner of Gillians Crafts) will keep you laughing all day long!!

Dancing Dolls (afternoon class)

Learn how to make a Lizzie Doll using free form modelling techniques.. You may well have time to make more than one of these little ladies.

9th March 2010 10am – 3pm Bend It Shape it Gillians Crafts in Derby Book directly with Gill

A day full of wonder and exploration. Learn as many techniques as you feel able to – an excellent way to really get to grips with what Friendly Plastic can do for you. I always try to tailor the class to the needs of the students attending, and we cover all the favourites of Lacework, Oooze, Impressions, Patchwork, simple beads, inlay and much more.

7th April 2010 Morning – First Impressions – Buttons and Motifs for Textiles and other crafts @ Husqvarna Studio Nottingham Book Directly with Husqvarna please.

Create buttons and motifs to adorn your textile and sewing projects as well as for jewellery and paper craft applications. We will explore dragging and marbling, cutting and hole making, and you will learn how to seal your work. Buttons are hand washable.

7th April 2010 Afternoon - Going Mouldy – making moulds and using them with Friendly Plastic Husqvarna Studio Nottingham Book Directly with Husqvarna please.

Learn how to use 2 part silicone putty to make moulds. We will then fill them with Friendly Plastic and make our own motifs or embellishments for textiles, scrap booking, paper crafts or jewellery. We will be using inks, paints and Friendly Plastic Pellets to achieve the effects want.

24th April Oooze and Aahhs – Full day workshop @ Husqvarna Studio Nottingham Book Directly with Husqvarna please.

Spend a day Ooozing and extruding with Friendly Plastic and assorted things with holes in, and you will be “aahhing and ooing” at the effects you discover. Whether you are a paper crafter or a textile person or love jewellery, this is a very versatile technique that creates incredible textures and effects that will have you rushing home to try it out some more!

22nd May Get Stuck In – full day workshop @ Husqvarna Studio Nottingham Book Directly with Husqvarna please.

Multimedia approach to Friendly Plastic – how to stick lots of different things in your FP projects so that they won’t come out again without the aid of glue! If you want to you can make a fun note book cover with all the pieces you experiment with. Embed mirrors, beads, buttons, wire, yarn, feathers, sequins, motifs and whatever takes your fancy. Then piece it all together to make a panel for the front of a book or the top of a box.

3rd June Brilliant Beads – full day workshop @ Husqvarna Studio Nottingham Book Directly with Husqvarna please.

All things beady (using Friendly Plastic of course) - round ones, cylinders, wonky shapes, drops, focal beads, wrapped beads, bent beads (Tubeads), recycled beads, mixed media beads, moulded beads…. and the list goes on. We will cover as many things as you want to, and it will be up to you if you want to make enough beads for a project or, to try out as many different bead techniques as you can fit in the day.

All the classes are suitable for beginners as well as those with some experience.

This is the current list of workshops that are open to everyone to book on to, as opposed to the ones I am doing for guilds and clubs. Please book directly with the venue. If you have any queries about what we will be doing in the class then email me at

I will also be at Stitches Trade show at the NEC in February demonstrating for All About Crafts / Pottery Crafts, and some of my textile work will be on display at three venues this year, the first of which is Sewing for Pleasure at the NEC in March. I will blog about that closer to the time.

If you are in Anaheim USA at the end of this month and are going to CHA then visit Amaco at their “booth” as the Americans call it (a “stand” to us Brits) and you will find Linda Peterson and Jana Ewy demonstrating FP for the company. You will also find some of my jewellery on display if I get it to Linda in time!

Linda Peterson is compensated and endorsed by AMACO. The guests features may or may not have any affiliation with AMACO.

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