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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meet Melani Meeker - A New Friendly Plastic Artist

A couple of days ago we featured artist Melani Meeker. A new "Friendly Plastic" Artist. I met Melani on Facebook and asked her for a bio and a little bit about her. I also featured her on the blog because I just couldn't wait to share her work with our readers. Melani answered my call for a "little more about her" and below I share her email and her thoughts about friendly plastic:

Hello Linda,

I am a self professed craftaholic who recently found some old strips of friendly plastic on my shelf (the kind thats so old it cracks when you try to bend it). I glanced over and spotted my embossing gun and thought....."hmmmmm, I wonder if...." and sure enough, it melted and started looking really neat.

I then ran to my computer and did a search for "friendly plastic projects" and came across and now I cant seem to get out of my craft room. I spent the first 48 hours in my pajamas not even moving from my table with your blog on one side and my heat gun/friendly plastic on the other. I then decided it was time to invest in more colors.....MANY more colors!

I LOVE your tutorials and the inspiration you provide! I had my mom sit down and watch them all and bought her a bunch of plastic for Christmas.....she's hooked too!

Unfortunately my work (job) interferes with my plastic time, but on my days off, my husband knows where to find me......with the dog on one side, cat on the other, and a heat gun/friendly plastic/your blog in front of me. I took some of my creations to work with me (earrings and pendants) and they disappeared which made me even MORE addicted.

The possibilities are endless and I cant wait to see what else pops up on your blog. I've also been a fan of Suze Miller for years and her work with the pellets......and Pinderella on Etsy.....and Jana Ewy (WOW!).....the list goes on!

Thank you so much for the inspiration and again, I feel honored to even be mentioned in the presence of so many of my "heroes"! Melani
Thanks so much for sharing your work with us Melani! I love Melanie's excitment and Welcome her to the world of fellow Friendly Plastic Addicts!

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1 comment:

Allan and Colleen Strong said...

Mel is an amazing craftswoman!! She has the neatest ideas and seems to be able to make anything look wonderful! How fun to hear about the latest projects. Gorgeous!! Go girl!!!


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