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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fine Art and Friendly Plastic by Suzette

Friendly Plastic has definately soared to new heights as is demonstrated by this gorgeous fine art wall art by Suzette.  This piece is titled "No 2 the same". 

Just look at what her family and friends say about her:

Even at a young age Suzette was a free spirit  and certainly wasn't going to wait until she grew old to wear purple. In school, she routinely managed to escape the daily regime by concocting new ways to entertain herself and others in the classroom. Later, from props pulled out of the pockets of her overalls, she would create impromptu fun to break any monotony. And it was never safe to be around her if she had paints and a brush-your hands would turn into colorful animals and your face into her next canvas.

Suzette brought her innate sensitivity and understanding of the human spirit into her work as a Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist. She spent many years reaching out to young people and their families through counseling, art, drama, and play. She has written and illustrated a series of children's books, has her master's degree, and always takes time out for travel, adventure, and volunteer work.
There is something magical and contagious about Suzette's art that is reflected on the smiling faces of the people looking at her work. Brightly colored, innovative ties, mosaic-like framed art, and vivid wall sculptures express music, dance, play, humor, and her intrigue with the artistic expression of different cultures.
In short, Suzette's art reflects the person we know - colorful and vibrant; a human magnet whose whimsical style, fun-loving spirit and joy for life bring the child out to play for most everyone.

I can definately say that her personality shines in her work!  Suzette has a website where you can purchase her Fine Art pieces: or you can email her at

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