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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Friendly Plastic Pendant tutorial by di-did-it!

Thank you Di for sharing your tutorial on making this pendant!  
This is a great project to start with if you are new to Friendly Plastic.  Simple yet elegant!

Di shares:

I'm trying something new today and posting a tutorial. I don't know that this is my forte, but I indicated in a November post I would share the process I used to make the purple Friendly Plastic pendant, and today's the day. Today we're making a blue FP pendant.

Start with a bargain piece of costume jewelry. I'm using a silver clip earring. Cut a piece of FP slightly bigger than the earring and choose a stamp (I'm using one from Fancy Pants). Unmounted stamps work best if your piece isn't totally flat. You can use a stamp that's smaller than your piece, but I'm not good at placing them in the center so I just use oversize stamps to eliminate that problem.
Lay the FP over the piece & melt it with a heat gun.
When it's nicely melted, prepare your stamp by pressing it into a watermark stamp pad (I use VersaMark) and then pressing it into the FP. Use your fingers to press everywhere to ensure full contact. Experiment with the pressure for different looks. Firm pressure will reveal the metal underneath, which may or may not be your intent. That's what I did for the purple piece, but for this blue piece I chose to use less pressure.
When you're confident the stamp isn't going to lift from the FP, place the piece in a cold water bath to solidify the FP.
After a few moments remove the piece and carefully lift the stamp from the FP. The edges might be a little jagged, as you can see here.
Place a nonstick craft sheet (I use Ranger's) on a griddle and heat the griddle to 275. Lightly touch/drag the edges to melt/smooth them. Once cool, add your preferred glaze/sealer (I like Triple Thick by DecoArt) and a bail. Thread on a cord or chain and you're set!

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