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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cookie Cutters and Friendly Plastic - Candy for your eyes! by Mylene Hillam

This is a from a recent post from Mylene Hillam, an Australian artist who works with mixed media:

It's time for some Friendly Plastic eye candy today.

You've seen some of the jewellery pieces I made using the demo samples from the Brisbane Paper Crafts Festival but many of you have asked how you can use Friendly Plastic in your papercrafting projects. Well, let me share some of the things that I like to do.

For the first one, I've used cookie cutters to cut some letters from a marbled strip of Friendly Plastic and layered them on a textured strip of gold. Adding texture is one of my favourite things to do with Friendly Plastic Designer Sticks. You can either stamp into it with a rubber stamp or press a texture into it as I did. This one is a silicone texture mat from Krafty Lady.I've layered the Friendly Plastic embellishments onto a piece of stamped acetate which I've coloured with Pinata alcohol inks... the vibrant colours certainly are eye popping!
Fun in the Sun
To add to the fun of the card I tied a polka dot ribbon around the embellishments before assembling.

You might recognise this next piece from my tutorial "How to Mould with Friendly Plastic Scraps" - different colours, same technique.I've combined some French images and text with these beautiful butterfly rub ons from Rouge de Garance.... très Parisienne!I'll have a couple more demo pieces to share with you in a later post so don't forget to check back again to see what else you can do with your Friendly Plastic embellishments.

Happy crafting,

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