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Friday, March 12, 2010

National Craft Month Tips on Jewelry Making!

I've posted on Facebook a call out for your favorite jewelry making tips....or ...just a creative tip in general.  I love all the response I've been receiving.  (remember to leave your tip on the blog via a comment or on Facebook and I'll enter you into a drawing to be given away next Friday!)

Here are of some of my favorites: 

Cindy C. "When making jewelry for yourself, have something in mind that your going to wear it with. That way you can match or with medias like friendly plastic, polymer clay, etc you can create colors that will coordinate with your outfit. It will give you a great custom look"

Carol C:  "Taking apart something I bought at a charity shop and combining it with my stash to make something new especially using chain maille. There are some wonderful weaves to try."

Melody B:  "I like making various wire pieces up and then come back to them to put them together at a later date. Things always look different from a fresh perspective!

Amy K:  "Beading gives you the flexibility to work to your hearts content, and improvise as you go without losing valuable stock if you mess up :)" 

These are all GREAT tips ladies!  Thanks so much for sharing!  Leave your tip too and win a prize!

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