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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bright Shiny Things in Friendly Plastic by Mylene Hillam

Mylene and I are alot alike...we love BLING!  And we are both drawn to bright shiny things.  When I first saw Mylene's post, I really thought it was embossed metal....but it's not!  So read on as Mylene shares her take on "Bright Shiny Things".  She writes:

Just like a magpie, I am drawn to bright shiny things. I like precious jewels, so dazzling that they sparkle in the light. And the reflective shimmer of a CD as you tilt it causing a rainbow to dance around the disk. I like the lustre of shiny satin as it drapes in soft folds, and the crystals of a chandelier as the sunlight dances on them projecting a beautiful spectrum on whatever surface it falls. But I especially like Friendly Plastic with its vibrant, metallic foils so shiny and bright. It is hard not to be drawn to them.

But today I want to share what happens when you alter that shiny, smooth surface by impressing a texture. Doesn't it look great?....... still shiny, but no longer smooth. So you CAN have the best of both worlds - texture and shine all in the one piece.

With a stunning texture like this only a few simple embellishments are needed to create a lovely focal point on this card.
By the way, this texture is from Krafty Lady. Being made of silicone it won't stick to Friendly Plastic so there's no need for a release agent. Just soften the Friendly Plastic using your preferred heating method, place the texture mat on the surface and use a small rolling pin or stamp block to gently press the texture into the Friendly Plastic. Allow it to cool and it will release easily. If you're impatient like me, you can speed up the cooling by plunging it into cold water.

Before signing off today, I just want to give a quick plug to my upcoming Friendly Plastic classes at Stamp Antics on April 24th. In the morning class you'll learn how to create a Fracture and Fusion pendant with Friendly Plastic and resin and in the afternoon, we turn our attention to all your Friendly Plastic scraps when we turn them into fantastic embellishments to use in your papercraft projects. Bookings can be made by phoning Stamp Antics (3393 3022).

Hope you can join me!


I know from personally meeting Mylene that she is a wonderful teacher, so those of you who have the chance...sign up for her classes!  I'll be envious!

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