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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Creating Friendly Plastic Addicts One Friend at a Time - by Jen Lowe

It's true - that's our mission...creating Friendly Plastic Addicts one friend at a time.  And the best thing about this addiction is it offers no harmful side effects!  Only creative fun and a chance to escape some stress!

I say if Cool2Craft can put out a call for 1 Million people who think it's cool to craft we can do the same!! 1 Million FP addicts huh?

Many of the techniques you see here were inspired by internationally known artist Liz Welch

I thought you would enjoy this post by Jen Lowe

Last time, I posted about teaching 1 person who taught another person.....and how you can grow a craft that way.

This blog is about how one person took what she learned here, and made numerous pendants from that same "class" - she is growing her Friendly Plastic skills by leaps and bounds.

Here's what my good friend Shelly made - all done with Friendly Plastic. We're teaching the world, one friend at a time!!!

Which one do you like best???

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Unknown said...

Many are very pretty but I like the one that it second from the bottom because of the shiny coating above the Friendly Plastic.

Unknown said...

There are a lot of really pretty designs in that group! My very favorite one is second from the bottom. I can't resist the clear glossy look covering the FP.


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