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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Friendly Plastic Frame -Friendly Plastic Tutorial by Lucy Edmondson of True Colors

Friendly Plastic Frame
by Lucy Edmondson
True Colors

This project is surprisingly easy. You will need Silver Friendly Plastic, strong double side tape such as Red Line, a suitable stamp (I have used one of my favourite Harlequin stamps from the Artistic Stamper, Glossy Accents, and Metallic Rub Ons, No 1. The image is from Crafty Individuals Flowers and Butterflies image book.

1. Take a 5 cm square piece of chipboard, mountboard, or strong card, and neatly edge it with narrow Red Line double sided tape (I have left the red backing on so it shows in the photo but remove this now).

2. Cut four narrow strips of silver Friendly Plastic to fit exactly onto the tape and adhere, so that the strips touch each other.


4.    It should look like this now.

5. Holding your heat gun about 15 cms away, on the lower setting if you have one, heat the edges evenly until they soften slightly into each other and there is a crazed appearance evenly across the surface as shown. This will take about 30 seconds or more, depending on the heat of your heat gun. Don’t over-melt and cause it to lose its shape.

6. Ink up the Harlequin Stamp with Versmark and stamp right across the whole frame, and leave to cool before removing.

7. Choose image and adhere to centre of frame.

8. Apply Green rub-on to the frame with your finger:-

9. Add a gem to the butterfly and apply Glossy Accents to centre of frame, to cover image. Leave overnight to dry and keep elbows away!

This is the final frame:-

This is a selection of art moulds made with Friendly Plastic, to whet your appetite for Part 2

More of Lucy's work can be seen on her blog so check it out:
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