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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sugar Plum - Friendly Plastic Designs by Mylene Hillam of Milllane Studio

Sugar Plum!  This design by Mylene Hillam really caught my attention because.....when I was growing up my Grandma Campbell always called me her little "sugar plum".  Didn't like it so much when I was growing up...but now that she's not with us anymore, I'd give anything to hear her voice and call me "sugar plum"...which is a name not to be confused with "sugar booger" that my Dad called me! 

You can imagine the happy memories the name of this bracelet brought to me when I saw it - I knew it had to be today's feature. 

Mylene has this for sale on her website gallery - Im sure it would make "someone" a perfect little gift....hint hint (If you need my address to send it to me- just email me! :O)


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