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Sunday, May 16, 2010

BijiouxArtCreation - Truely a work of ART! KARINE COLLIGNON

I am always taken back by the beautiful artwork of Karine Colliginon of BijiouxArtCreation!  In her latest facebook update she shared photo's of one of her Art Shows.  I couldn't resist sharing these with you!  I think my favorite is the one on the upper right wait...the middle one in black and silver...oH Oh....and...well...Actually they are all my favorite! you think I could pick just one???

Karine has been attending Cool2Craft  Live craft TV on Mondays and although she speaks little english, she is very much active in the chat room - which I think is WONDERFUL!!!! 

Please check out Karines work - and get something one of a kind from FRANCE!!!

Join all of us Crafty Creative souls on Cool2Craft live tomorrow at 11am central time.  I'll be showing you how to add SPLASH to your wardrobe with Friendly Plastic Pellets!!!  See you there!

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