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Monday, May 3, 2010

It's Cool2Craft Monday - Basic Jewelry Techniques

I get more an more excited when I see all the great things that are happening online with the world of crafting. I sooo miss the days of craft tv...I miss Carol Duvall (personally AND the SHOW!)...I miss Aleene's Creative Living, my aunt June was a guest on Aleene's show...I miss everything about the way that Craft TV inspired all of us.

Well...a bunch of us designers have gotten together and said...enuf is enuf! We took it into our own hands and while it is taking a bit of hard work to launch we are seeing the fruits of our labors.

Im on each Monday with exception of a few - on COOL2Craft Live hosted by Aleene's daughter Tiffany Windsor. She's on a quest to gather together 1 MILLION viewers who think it's cool 2 craft! I know she can do it.

Today I featured Jewelry basics and my latest book - Beading in No Time.

Gotta get back to those boring as we all may think they can never practice them to much or ever stray away from them because everthing in life will fall apart if you do!

While this isn't Friendly Plastic relates.  Why? because if you dont know how to put your Friendly Plastic pieces together to make jewelry...all you have is a bunch of Friendly Plastic pieces.....

As soon as the archived link is available I will post it. You can go to to watch any of the shows.

I also talked about my latest venture...which is SOOO COOL! LIVE INTERACTIVE WEB CLASSES.  This allows you to take classes from the industries BEST TOP designers right from your own home.  Saves you money...saves us time...We get to meet and talk with you....and you talk back to us....We're all happy - Life is good.

More information click here:

Next big question...where to buy Friendly Plasic...well...FRIENDLY PLASTIC MARKETPLACE!  will solve that problem

If you wanna win free Friendly Plastic...well just join us on Cool2Craft!  (HINT HINT - I have a big giveaway on May 17th - Fun with Friendly Plastic segment!)

Linda Peterson is compensated and endorsed by AMACO. The guests features may or may not have any affiliation with AMACO.

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Parudy said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just discovered your website & so excited & inspired. i've had Friendly Plastic since 1994 & had so much trouble 'melting' it to a malleable state that I put it into shoe boxes for storage. Moved from New York City to Mesa, AZ & forgot about it until I took a class in dichroic glass
fusing. An AH Ha moment, reminding me of what I began 16 years ago with Friendly Plastic! Your website has taught me so much & I'm ready to begin again using all my 'strips' of plastic. Ever so grateful...Paula Rudy


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