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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Speghetti and Friendly Plastic???

I couldnt resist sharing this photo of ....yes....speghetti and  friendly plastic.  How fun?  This is a photo snatched from Liz Welch's blog as she shares details of a recent class she taught. So check out her blog to find out just what they made  from this.

Classes are a great way to get your hands wet with Friendly Plastic.  Liz offers a wide variety of technique classes in the UK.
If you are in Australia - check out Mylene Hillams classes
If you are anywhere else in the world - CrafTECH University offers online classes in Friendly Plastic along with an array of other craft based classes.  Coming up June 29th is a basic jewelry making class and a wire wrapping class featuring bling rings.  While these classes are not Friendly Plastic in content, the skills learned are a great value when turning your Friendly Plastic work into jewelry.  Check out the upcoming calendar including Friendly Plastic on the home page of the website.  Click here

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