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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Friendly Plastic....TAKE 2!

Last month on our FriendlyPlastic TV YouTube channel, I showed you one way to use even the tiniest bits of Friendly Plastic to create a quick pendant using a marble.

Today, I want to feature Liz Welch's tip on what she does with her tiny bits and pieces of Friendly Plastic. Look real close.......can you tell what is Friendly Plastic?

Liz reveals:  "The ‘life preserver ring’ is made from recycled  Friendly Plastic, using my Tubebead kit.  The resultant tubular ring was then covered in fabric.  The metal ball bead is entirely scrap FP with a metal effect paint and rusting solution applied."

Here is another view
Sometimes your Friendly Plastic bits do not have to be visible at all?  What a great use for left over bits and pieces.  Use them as forms and cover them with all sorts of fabric, wire or whatever else may inspire you.

You can read the whole story behind this design by visiting Liz on her blog at:

Oh and check out her Tubead's awesome!

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