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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sharing a letter from a Newbie to Friendly Plastic

You might remember at the end of all of our Friendly Plastic Videos, I make a call out to all of our viewers to email me with what you've created in Friendly Plastic.

Imagine my excitement when I read this letter below from a view of our show:

Hi Linda,
I’m new to Friendly Plastic and have been watching your videos to learn the techniques. (I have to say, I really like your style of teaching and demonstrating.) In your Fusion Illusion class, you encouraged us to experiment and send along photos, so I just thought I’d send along some butterflies that I made with a combination of Friendly Plastic sticks, pellettes mixed with glitter, etc.  I was pleased with my first batch. So, thank you for helping me discover this new medium! My background is polymer clay, but not for jewelry-making. Also, I’d really like to take a basic wire/jewelry-making class if you offer it someday. I love the way your wrap wire around your finished pendants.
Cheryl Watt

Cheryl learned the basics of working with clay by taking the On-Demand Fusion Illusion Class from CrafTECH U.

 Didn't she do a great job? 

What are you waiting for?  - Send me your Friendly Plastic work and I"ll feature you too!
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1 comment:

One Creative Queen said...

Hi Linda - Can you please let Cheryl know she is officially kicked out of the "newbie" club? She is much too good - and her butterflies are way too awesome - to allow her to be in the group of newbieness any longer. This shall serve as her official notification.


She did a phenomenal job!! xx


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