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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Friendly Plastic Hummingbird by Phyll Beach

Sharing a recent email I received from Phyll Beach.  Beautiful work!

Linda, I'm doing a multi media piece in a collaborative effort with another artist that requires that I illustrate a Haiku poem she has written. (She will illustrate one of mine.) As soon as I realized it had to include a hummingbird, I knew the only possible way to capture their iridescence was to use Friendly Plastic. I was very happy with the resulting colors, it is a much more exciting illusion than a photo can capture. I did the flower while I was at it, but I am not sure it will be part of this art piece it did, however, make me absolutely positive that soon I am going to attempt an entire 5x7 size work, which when finished will be one solid FP piece. A complete mosaic scene, I am eager to attempt it. In the meantime my hummer will be perfect in my current project....Phyll Beach

 So...what will be YOUR Friendly Plastic challenge??

Email your photos and I'll highlight you on the blog!  Thank you Phyll for sharing!

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