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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Friendly Plastic TV Video - Dimensional Pendants with decorative foils

In the past we've worked alot on 2-dimensional designs which primarily focused on layering or putting a variety of mediums on top of the Friendly Plastic to alter the look of it in some way.  In this video, we take that a step further. 

I love the look of stretching and crackling the Friendly Plastic, but often this results in the colors of the foil dulling when the black background pulls up through.  To solve this and to add a decorative, somewhat watercolor wash effect, I tried nail polishes.  The results are beautiful and the polishes fix the foil so that the colors remain bright.  Add a touch of decorative foil and you've created one of a kind - gorgeous pendants - in any color...and my I add that you can make these in 30 minutes or less??  Great HUH? 

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Friendly Plastic TV.  I always welcome your comments and suggestions for show segments.

If you've enjoyed this technique - I've put together a collection of other Friendly Plastic videos and project instructions that you might enjoy below:

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Mylene said...

Great technique Linda!

karine said...

Bravo Linda belle démonstration!!!

rarelizzie said...

Linda, that is a great twist on what I do, I love it. Going to scour the markets for weird nail polish colours now.


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