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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Quick Friendly Plastic Tip - Frequently asked Question - My Plastic didnt melt

I received this email from Vanessa, new to Friendly Plastic.  I thought I would share it with you because I think she experienced what some of you have experienced the first time you've worked with Friendly Plastic:

She writes:

Hi! I just discovered your site and all of your videos! So I tried your technic ''Glisten and Shine'' with the friendly plastic, but, when I put it in my oven 2 minutes at 200 degrees, the corner completly melt but the center stays hard... So i've ruined all my stick of friendly plastic... I don't know how to do it!

And can I use another oil paint than Genesis? Is it necessary to the oil paint to be in a jar or it can be in a tube?

Thank you so much, I appreciate your projects! It's so epic!


Thanks for your question Vanessa.

It sounds to me as if your plastic did not melt completely because it wasn't in the oven long enough, even though you followed the instructions.   My suggestion would return it back to the oven until it is completely melted.  The temperatures that we give and the times are approximate and are general guidelines since oven's vary in their temperatures.  I would bet your plastic isn't ruined, just not completely finished.

The beauty of working with Friendly Plastic is that you can heat, cool, reheat over and over again. 

I have not tried this technique with other oil paints. Genesis oil paints are formulated to dry when baked at a temperature of 265 degrees.  Since these paints can be baked dry, they work great with Friendly Plastic which needs to be heated to manipulate. 

If anyone has tried other paints, oil or acrylic with this technique, I would love to know what your discoveries are.  Please email me or comment to this post. 

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1 comment:

Anne said...

I too have a question. When I stamp into my FP it doesn't come out clean, rather it stretches the plastic when I remove it. Is there a way around this? Thanks so much! :o)


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