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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Friendly Plastic inspiration from an "Enchanted" castle

We recently featured Kate Charles on the blog and THANK YOU to our subscribers for checking out her website - she reports nearly 500 hits that week alone!!!

She writes:

The tower is made from small "stones" of FP, mainly pewter and silver,
covered in a variety of materials eg voiles, skeleton leaves, micro beads
or patterned with stamps. When all the pieces were assembled the tower as
burnished with rub'n buff in golds and silver. Small ivy leaf cut outs
were then attached to the tower with a soldering iron. The inside is
painted with acrylics.

I learnt so much on Liz's course that my head is full of new ideas. Your
amazing blog is also inspiring - I'm scrounging old bottles of nail polish
to make my own coloured sticks to work with - what a brilliant idea."

Wow!!! Kate was inspired by a Castle......tell me...what inspires you??

Visit Kate's website at:

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