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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Beautiful Mixed Media and Friendly Plastic by Sam

I saw this come thru my alerts...and just had to share!  Love all the things she used along with Friendly Plastic!

For more of her work, visit her blog at:

She writes:

I covered three pieces of a straw with text paper and painted them silver along with the corrugated. Once dry, I dripped green patina eco friendly paint over the corrugated. I singed a piece of light green organza and using wire I sewed the friendly plastic piece to it. These are the leftover pieces from the key ring and brooch projects. Using silicone glue I attached the organza and friendly plastic and the painted straws to the background. I added a piece of string to hang.

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sam21ski said...

Ooooh Linda, thank you so much for featuring a piece of mine on your blog xxxx

Zoechaos said...

Know Sam, Love her work think this is fabulous. Great to see her getting some recognition. XOXO Zoe


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