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Monday, January 24, 2011

Inspired by the Nail Polish technique

In one of the recent Friendly Plastic videos, I featured a technique using nail polish and altering the surface of the plastic to give it some unusual crackled effects.

I believe one of the greatest honors I could ever receive is an email such as this:

Hi Linda

I was so inspired by your nail varnish technique that I covered lots of sticks of FP. Here's the result of one! I've also used some foils and little peel off flowers. The pendant is finished with several coats of Magic-Glos. Hope you like it.

Best wishes

Kate Gatti

Kate Charles Crafts

And here is Kate's beautiful pendant made with this technique:

It's just gorgeous!! Thank you Kate for taking the time to email me and allow me to share this with everyone!!! Keep up the fantastic work!!

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Birthday gift ideas said...

Amazing pendant.Love the style and the innovative idea.I am sure the young generation will lap it up in no time.

Murano Glass said...

Beautiful work Val. This blog is very inspiring. I love to see the work of your people.


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