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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Friendly Plastic with Molten Designs just had to share this lovely abstract piece of artwork by Christel of Molten Designs.  Enjoy!!

This piece of Artwork using Friendly Plastic was created by Christel. Christel works for us in the shop and also comes to some exhibitions with me. The piece has now been mounted and framed and makes a stunning Friendly Plastic picture.

This abstract piece of Friendly Plastic was created using a lot a scrap pieces by layering them.

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Zoechaos said...

That wall hanging is awesome and so so inspiring, thank you XOXO Zoe

Gillian said...

Thanks for appreciating this work done by Christel. Hope to post more artwork in the next couple of months. Many thanks Gillian (Molten Designs)

A Small World Girl said...

Thanks so much for sharing my piece.
It is about 10 x 8 inches .
I find friendly plastic quite endless . So many ways to use it .
Christel .

twilight jewellery said...

Impressive! I can say that for the most part, plastic products have always been relegated as decoration material, because of its infinite number of designs.

plumbing said...

The embossed effect is nice. That made the artwork more creative.


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