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Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Friday - Little Birdie Pen by Pinderlla on Etsy

My fascination with birds continues to build! Today I woke up to the chorus of a little bird singing their little heart out for over 2 hours!!! Although it was the wee hours of the morning that the little guy woke me up...I couldnt help but enjoy the happiness in his voice - it was contageous!!!

The pin featured today is from Pinderlla on Etsy - Yes it's for hop...or "tweet" on over and buy it before someone else does!!

To see all of Pinderella's fun whimisical work - click here

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MaudMartha said...

Hi I tried the link to Pinderella but it came up as Not Found - don't know if it's my end or yours. Humming bird looks beautiful. Thanks Teresa

doğumgünü hediyesi said...

I have started planning do same work in my new quilt work. I really wonder to watch your unique work, It is very easy to understand and I have learned a lot from it.

quit porn said...

I already made it and planning to share in my blog soon, but before that I want to create same art in different colours.

salma said...

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Promosyon said...

With this same way easy to make art on pencil or pen. So easy to do and really happy to end it in short time period. Your creation looks beautiful.

courses en ligne said...

The non-traditional colors is always my favorite and More beautiful room you makes with its same design with various colour combinations.


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